BuddySaturday Dog, Greeter, Lap Dog, & Pint-sized Super Hero Side Kick

What Makes Buddy Unique

Buddy is a small terrier mix. We believe Buddy is mostly Jack Russell Terrier but aren’t sure. Buddy is about 6 years old and LOVES, Loves, loves humans, kids and adults. When he has had enough love, he will wander away to settle in for some alone time.

(If you utilize a certified disability service dog, please be sure to schedule an appointment (for humans only) with our owner to discuss safe entrance and exits prior to your sessions. This way we can accommodate your needs, safely).

Office Rules around Buddy’s safety

  • DO NOT PICK BUDDY UP. He is short legged and can get hurt easily. He may choose to sit with you, if you are calm.
  • DO NOT CHASE AFTER BUDDY. If he is running from you, he is scared. Sit calmly and he will visit you… and probably smell you all up!
  • As with all offices’, NO RUNNING! Buddy is low to the ground and could get kicked or stepped on.

    Buddy’s in-Session Skills

    • Sit next to humans and hope for treats
    • Get pets from humans… there are never enough pets!
    • Try to sit in your lap… if you allow it

    Be sure to give Buddy pets at your next Saturday session!