<strong>Bonnie Edwards, MSW, LICSW</strong>
Bonnie Edwards, MSW, LICSWTherapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

What Makes Counseling with Bonnie Unique

First let me say I am excited to offer counseling services to those currently on straight Medicare Health Care Coverage and accept Medicare as your therapist! Please call to learn more. 253-617-3559
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I believe that every individual has the inner strength to overcome life’s most difficult challenges and taking the first step in counseling is not a sign of weakness but one of personal strength. Addressing life challenges can be scary but through dedication and trust, I hope to help client discover new ways to cope and overcome their obstacles regardless of one’s past experiences.

I am a compassionate and empathetic Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with a background in working with adults, younger children 7-11 (especially those who have special educational needs), and older adults who struggle in everyday functioning because of major life transitions.

I have been working in the field of social work and/or mental health since 2008. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Special Education (1997) and taught children receiving Special Education Services until 2008. After obtaining my Master of Social Work degree (2008), I committed myself to working with older populations. As a previously licensed foster parent, I enjoy providing therapeutic counseling services for other foster parents. I typically, pull from my years of experience working in foster care with the department of children and families for Washington State (DCFS). I do have adoptive parenting experience as well.

I currently enjoy serving clients as a Mental Health Therapist and Independent Clinical Social Worker. I enjoy working with clients who struggle with emotional challenges and mental health diagnosis which include PTSD, Major Depression, and Anxiety. I have years of experience working with older adults who are experiencing a crisis as a result of major life transitions. I have assisted elderly clients obtain local or state social service support services when working for local home health agency.

I provide counseling services to clients utilizing a combination of Emotional Focused Family Therapy (EFFT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy Modalities.

If you are looking for a counselor who is compassionate, empathetic and dedicated to assisting you obtain a higher level of self-worth focused on your strengths while providing insight on additional coping skills I may be the therapist for you. Or if you are looking for a therapist counselor who is also a social worker and can accept Medicare, I may be a great fit for you.
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