NinaGreeter, Lap Dog, & Comforter

What Makes Nina Unique

Nina is a 9 pound hypoallergenic rescue dog. We were told that Nina is part Maltese and we believe part mini greyhound. Nina LOVES, Loves, loves humans, kids and adults.

She is not fond of other animals arriving unannounced in her space (the office building) and will tell them loudly about this. (If you utilize a certified disability service dog, please be sure to schedule an appointment (for humans only) with our owner to discuss safe entrance and exits prior to your sessions. This way we can accommodate your needs, safely).

Office Rules around Nina’s safety

  • DO NOT PICK NINA UP. She is only 9lbs and can get hurt easily. She may choose to sit with you, if you are calm.
  • DO NOT CHASE AFTER NINA. If she is running from you, she is scared. Sit calmly and she will visit you… and probably smell you all up!
  • As with all office, NO RUNNING! Nina is tiny and could get kicked or stepped on.

    Nina’s in-Session Skills

    • Sit with humans when they process deep emotion (aka cry)
    • Smell humans breath to be sure they are safe
    • Lick humans when they are in need of love


    Be sure to give Nina pets at your next session!