<strong>Michelle Klekota-Chisholm, MA, LMHC</strong>
Michelle Klekota-Chisholm, MA, LMHCLicensed Mental Health Counselor, Emotionally Focused Therapist

What Makes Counseling with Michelle Unique

I believe therapy can be helpful for all of us, regardless of our place in life.  Choosing to participate in individual counseling or family therapy does not mean ‘you have problems,’ to me it means ‘you want to make a change.’ I truly believe there is no shame in wanting to create a better life for yourself or your family.  Choosing to find a counseling center and enter therapy can happen at any point in life: you may simply be dissatisfied with your current situation and need a change, or perhaps want to work on a specific goal or relational goal.  Therapy can often be about taking a deeper look at patterns of old behavior a deciding to keep, change, or let it go.  I believe it is a true personal honor to be part of your growth and change process.

“A unique approach to fostering hope and healthy relationships”. As a Counselor Lakewood WA, I do my very best to partner with you in your emotional work. To walk with you in the work we do together offering hope along the sometimes lonely and scary path of change.  I help to shine a light on something helpful to you.  I aim to illuminate what wasn’t seen before and to allow things to be seen differently. It has been said before, that close relationships are what we all need to feel happy, be-well, and thrive in this human existence. I hold this idea as true and am committed to helping you create healthy close relationships for yourself and your family.

We could be working on decreasing depression, anxiety, relational repair & challenges, emotional regulation, giftedness, or improving your general well-being. My Masters education meets all of the educational requirements for a Marriage and Family Therapy license. My professional therapeutic experience includes working with children, teens, couples, individuals, and families.
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