<strong>Vanessa Groff, MA, LMFTA</strong>
Vanessa Groff, MA, LMFTATherapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate

What Makes Counseling with Vanessa Unique

Thank you for taking the first step in reaching out. You are on the right path!
I am passionate about working with individuals from many age groups on depression, anxiety, PTSD, General Well-being, mindful coping, self growth, and family relational repair.
I specialize in Teenagers and their families. I’m also a specialist in Trauma Informed Care and treatment for those 11 years of age and up to 100+.

My counseling work with clients is based on safety and respect to create an environment that promotes growth and wellness for clients of all ages including teens. I offer an open and supportive space located in Lakewood Washington, where we will move toward wholeness and healing, together! You are not alone. We all get stuck and deserve to have someone walk beside us in our struggles. This can be a time for self-discovery, where we will work together to build upon your strengths. I believe it is an honor to be a part of your change process and journey.

My style of therapy is warm, accepting, and compassionate. I seek to hold a space where you can mindfully contemplate new ways of viewing, processing, and coping with emotions and change. It can be liberating, healing, and life altering to explore emotional connections and patterns, discovering alternative ways of thinking. I use a collaborative approach, in which you or your loved one can develop a deeper acceptance for who are you/they and gain freedom from painful experiences.

I specialize in helping address a variety of concerns in therapy, such as the effects of past trauma, relationship distress, grief and loss, family conflict, depression, anxiety, life transition, and more. I aim to help you experience a greater sense of closeness, connection, and hope for your future though this counseling process. As people, we have a biological need to feel safe, secure, and connected in our relationships. I believe the therapeutic relationship between you and I, opens the door for positive changes to take place.

If you are looking for a therapist counselor near Tacoma who brings a warm empathetic presence and the desire to provide a safe place for you to explore your feelings and grow, I am likely to be a great fit for you.

My Psychotherapy Modalities include: Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT), Attachment Theory, and more.

Please call Lakewood Child and Family Counseling (in Lakewood WA – of course!) to learn more about me and my counseling services at 253-617-3559 or click below and we will contact you back as soon as possible.

Welcome! & Thank You again for taking the first step and reaching out. We’re here for you!

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