<strong>Paul Henry, M.Ed., LMHC</strong>
Paul Henry, M.Ed., LMHCLicensed Mental Health Counselor

What Makes Counseling with Paul Unique

I am a male Licensed Mental Health Counselor regulated by Washington State (LH 60300442).
I bring cultural sensitivity to my work with not only African American clients, but those of many various minority cultures. I hold a Master of Education with an emphasis in Counseling Psychology from the University of Puget Sound. I have worked in mental health for over 10 years. My Counseling orientation is Cognitive Behavioral with an integrative approach. My training has included, among other therapeutic orientations, Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Rational-Emotional Behavioral Therapy (REBT).

I enjoy providing Individual Therapy for clients of various cultures including minority cultures, around anxiety and depression as well as relationship concerns. I relate well to teens and males in distress or with behavioral concerns in need of therapy and support.
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