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Online Counseling in Washington, Therapy

Our amazing professional team of Therapists provide online counseling services to a variety of clients in Washington State. Call 253-617-3559 x1

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Supervision towards LMHC Licensure

If you are an Associate Therapist LMHCA looking for an Washington state approved Supervisor, click below to see if we could be a good fit for each other.

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Case Consultation & Private Practice Business Consulting

Are you looking for a thoughtful, and dynamic therapy case consultation or private practice business consulting?

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Online Counseling Services Washington

No Judgment. No Stigma. Just Support & Growth.

Online Counseling is your chance to talk to a therapist about you, your life, your wants, needs, feelings, and relationships. Your opportunity to be seen and heard. To find your footing again in life, or maybe for the first time. Therapy can help you feel better. We provide online counseling services for men, women, and teens living anywhere in Washington state. From Spokane to Vancouver Washington. From Olympia and Tacoma to Bellingham WA. Counselors can treat many, many things. Including small well-being type concerns to major ones. There is absolutely no shame in seeking help through online therapy or seeing a counselor virtually. All human beings need connection to survive and we are happy to help you!

We Got YOU!

Do not let yourself suffer (or struggle) alone any longer!


Counseling with a GOOD THERAPIST is proven to work. Lets process life together!

Change your Settings

Just because you are programed a certain way by your family does not mean it is the only way to live.

Destigmatize Therapy

Emotions and Feelings are not a weakness, in fact they are super powers waiting to become a finely tuned skill!


Why in the world is it easier to take your cold to a medical doctor than it is to take your emotions to a therapist (a feelings Dr.)?

Research Suggests

Infant humans cannot survive alone, how can you? No human being can survive alone. We all need connection to survive.

Recalculate Your Route

Anxiety, Depression, and Feeling Suicidal are signs that something needs to change. Let us help you recalculate your path.

Meet Our Online Counseling WA Team

Therapists Online in Washington

Comforters & Lap Dogs
Comforters & Lap Dogs
when all else fails, tell a dog! or two! or now... three! they listen very well.
    Courtney Best, MA, LMHCA
    Courtney Best, MA, LMHCA
    Online Counselor Specializing in Teens, Young women, Adult Women, and their families.
      Sofie Brodsky MA, LMHCA
      Sofie Brodsky MA, LMHCA
      Online Therapist Specializing in Kids & Teens, as well as young adult Men and Woman.
        Kia Gutierrez, Counseling Intern
        Kia Gutierrez, Counseling Intern
        Online Therapist Intern Specializing in Kids, Teens, and Their Families
          Stan Kolpak, MA, LMHC, & LMFTA
          Stan Kolpak, MA, LMHC, & LMFTA
          Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate, EFT Therapist, Couples Counselor, and MILITARY Veteran.
            Scarlett Thompson, MA, LMHC
            Scarlett Thompson, MA, LMHC
            THERAPIST, GIFTED SPECIALIST, COUNSELING Associate in Washington state & New Mexico
              Elva Flannery, MA, LMFT
              Elva Flannery, MA, LMFT
              online therapist, Chronic Pain Specialist, LEARNING DISABILITY SUPPORT COUNSELOR
                Michelle Klekota-Chisholm, MA, LMHC
                Michelle Klekota-Chisholm, MA, LMHC
                Certified Emotion Focused Family Therapist & WA state Approved Supervisor FOR LISCENSURE
                  Matthew Cruvant, MA, LMHC
                  Matthew Cruvant, MA, LMHC
                  Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Anxiety Specialist, Parent Coach, and MILITARY Veteran

                    We Listen. We Care.

                    We are here to help YOU!

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